*B Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Albert  AS1555026 

DOB: 4/1/11  

Albert at four years old

5-03 90 (VEE)

Sire:  *B Noble-Springs AS Smilin’ Jack
SS: SG +*B Alize Sloan’s Artic Shine
SSS:  ++*B Willow Run Victor Sloan 2-02 89 (VEE)
SSD: SGCH Loughlin’s Talut Arctic Glow *M  5-01 92 (EEEE)
SD: Noble-Springs NSZ Jazelle *M  2008 Junior National Champion
SDS: Noble-Springs Zane
SDD: Noble-Springs WRSE Jenna

Dam: SGCH Willow Run Diesel Go Ask Alice 3*M 3-02 91 (EEEE)
DS: +*B Windsor Manor SK Diesel 1-02 87 (VEE)
DSS: SG ++*B Willow Run V.Q. Scorpion King
DSD: Windsor Manor DD Devon 3*M 3-04 89 (VEVE)
DD: SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene 2*M  5-04 92 (EEEE)
DDS: SG ++*B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90 (VEE)
DDD: Willow Run Visionquest Anneka *M

Albert came home! He is Alice’s last son and Arlena’s littermate. We are delighted to have him back. Albert is very tall and very long. He stands on pretty feet that have short pasterns, deep heels, tight toes, and perfectly shaped cloves. Albert’s sire, Jack, was a consistent udder buck, and his dam Alice was a superb brood doe. Alice’s doe line is known for having extremely long, smooth fore udders and exceptionally large areas of attachment. Albert’s littermate sister, GCH Arlena, is an accomplished show doe who can also milk an extended lactation with ease. Albert’s maternal sister, GCH Andrea, appraised 92 (EEEE). Albert was named NSBA's 2015 Four Year Old Buck. It is exciting to have Albert back.

Albert's Dam - SGCH Alice at 3 years old

Albert's maternal granddam, SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker

Albert's littermate sister, SGCH Arlena 4*M

Albert's maternal sister, SGCH Andrea 4*M

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