Kickadee Hill NJ Amber Rose 5*M      AS1555028           

DOB: 4/7/11


2-02 86 (VVVV)

One Day Test 2-00  69 days fresh  14.0# milk  3.1% butterfat  23.4 points

Sire: + *B Noble-Springs AS Smilin’ Jack
SS: SG +*B Alize Sloan’s Artic Shine
SSS:  ++*B Willow Run Victor Sloan 2-02 89 (VEE)
SSD: SGCH Loughlin’s Talut Arctic Glow *M  5-01 92 (EEEE)
SD: Noble-Springs NSZ Jazelle *M  2008 Junior National Champion
SDS: Noble-Springs Zane
SDD: Noble-Springs WRSE Jenna

Dam: GCH Kickadee Hill JD Go Ask Andrea 4*M 4-02 92 (EEEE)
DS: *B Kickadee Hill WRS James Dean
DSS: GCH +B Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up
DSD: GCH Kickadee Hill WMV Jorgette 6*M 2-04 89 (VEEE)
DD: GCH Willow Run Diesel Go Ask Alice 3*M 3-02 91 (EEEE)
DDS: +*B Windsor Manor SK Diesel 1-02 87 (VEE)
DDD: SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene 2*M 5-04 92 (EEEE)

Amber is big and powerful with lots of body, lots of width and depth. She is board level across the topline, and has an incredible rump that is long and level both hips to pins and thurl to thurl. Amber is a very balanced doe who is smoothly blended throughout. She stands on very pretty feet and legs. Amber has a sweet temperament and a very pretty face. This is a doe line that is always pretty and only gets better with age. After being a precocious dry yearling, she freshened with an uneven udder this year, so was not shown. We expect she will be even with a new freshening in 2014.
Thank you!!!

Amber as a dry yearling

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