Kickadee Hill DKJ Anna Lou  AS1780495
DOB: 3/19/  


Sire: CH *B Kickadee Hill Don’t Know Jack
SS: GCH +*B Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up
SSS: +*B Windsor Manor DD Stormfront

SSD: SD: GCH Willow Run Ritesdfred Snuggle *M 5-02 92(EEEE)
Reserve Best Udder at 2008 Nationals
SD: GCH Kickadee Hill WMV Jorgette 6*M 2-04 89(VEEE)
SDS: ++B Windsor Manor AA Victor 7-03 91 (EEE) 2004 Premier Sire
SDD: SGCH Kickadee Hill Jeena 5*M 2-03 87(+VEE)

Dam: Kickadee Hill UL Ava Lou 5*M 4-03 90(VVEE)
DS:  CH *B Kickadee Hill Gez Uncle Lonnie 2-03 90 (EVE)
DSS: CH *B IM Edward
DSD: SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M 4-02 92 (EEEE) 1-10 268 2483 87/3.5% 67/2.7%
DD: SGCH Kickadee Hill JD Go Ask Andrea 4*M 4-02 92(EEEE)
One Day Test 4-00 65 days fresh 13.5 # milk 3.8% butterfat
DDS: *B Kickadee Hill WRS James Dean
DDD: SGCH Willow Run Diesel Go Ask Alice 3*M 3-02 91 (EEEE)

Anna Lou is linebred on GCH Jorgette, so the udder ought to be just as promised by this sweet wide-open escutcheon. It is high and wide, and she has lovely well-placed teats. Anna has her mother’s strong general appearance. She is long and level and stands on pretty feet and legs. Anna has a strong brisket and is smoothly blended throughout. Not only is Anna pretty, she is sweet and gentle. Anna reminds me that yes, this is the temperament all Saanens should have.


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