SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene 2*M AS1223189
DOB: 3/5/02

LA 3-04 88 (VVVV)
LA 5-04 92(EEEE)
LA 6-04 92 (EEEE)

1-02 264 1187 38/3.2% 33/2.8%
1-11 228 1610 49/3.1% 46/2.9%
3-01 231 2072 69/3.3% 8/2.8%  
4-01 249 2054 70/3.4% 59/2.9%

Sire: SG ++B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
SS: ++*B Windsor Manor Trailblazer
SSS: ++*B T & J Kentucky Mountain Style
SSD: GCH Windsor Manor Jus Denise 1*M 4-03 88 (VEVV)
SD: SG Des Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M
SDS: ++*B Des Ruhigestelle Lance
SDD: GCH Des Ruhigestelle Darrein 1*M 6-01 90(VEEE)
Life 1443 14600 468/3.2% 444/3.0%

Dam: Willow Run Visionquest Anneka 1*M
DS: SG +B Windsor-Manor WMDM Visionquest 5-01 88 (+EV)
DSS: SG ++B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90 (VEE)
DSD: GCH Windsor Manor CJC Veronica 1*M 6-03 91 (EEEE)
DD: Willow Run Balder Annushka
DDS: Washoe Zephyr Balder
DDD: Washoe Zephyr Angelfire

Arelen2Arlene is a very fancy doe! She is very smoothly blended throughout, and has an exceptionally smooth front end. Arlene is upstanding and very level across the topline. She has an incredible rump that is very wide and board-level both from hips to pins and from thurl to thurl. Arlene stands on very correct feet and legs that are just as strong and pretty at 8 years old as they were when she was a young doe. Her udder has a huge area of attachment, lots of width in the rear udder, and an extremely extended fore. She has a strong medial, and nicely shaped teats. Arlene easily finished her Permanent Championship as a 3 year old and earned her SG as a 4 year old. We have retained many of Arlene’s offspring. Her 2005 Diesel daughter, CH Alice, finished her  Permanent Championship as a 2 year old first freshener, appraised 91(EEEE) as a 3 year old, and continues to earn Best of Breed as a 4 year old. Arlene’s 2006 Victor son, Arlo, appraised 90(VEE) as a 2 year old and has several daughters who have earned Best Junior Doe in Show this year. Arlene’s 2007 daughters from Gabe, Abigail and Angel, both appraised Ec(EcEcEc) as dry yearlings, and freshened with lovely udders this year. It seems that no matter which buck we choose for her, the offspring are always extraordinary. Arlene has proven her tremendous strength both as an individual and as a brood doe by passing her great elegance and style to her offspring. Arlene was an expensive purchase for us when Willow Run was going out of business and she was worth every penny.


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