Kickadee Hill DL Ima Contessa     AS2093442       

DOB: 4/25/20


Contessa at 2 years old

Sire: GCH *B Kickadee Hill EV Dream Leonard
3-04 90 (VEE)
5-02 92(EEE)
SS: SG+ *B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
ETA +58 +59 #2 on 1:2 #5 on 2:1 2014 Young Sire List
SSS: SG++*B Cherrypines Stand Out  8-06 91(EEE)
20 Permanent Champion daughters (15 of which are SGCH), 40 SG daughters,
Sire of 2012 Reserve National Champion
SSD: SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elende 9*M 8-04 92(EEEE)
5-00 305 4132 127/3.1% 113/2.7% 2011 Top Ten
2013 ADGA National Show Total Performer
2013 1st Place Dam & Daughter with Elenya (full sister to Everett)
SD: SGCH Keach Manor Dream of Laverne 7*M 2-05 90(VVEE)
SDS: Sire: SG ++*B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
Sire of: 2000 National Champion, 1999 Reserve National Champion,
2006 Reserve National Champion, and numerous GCH does
SDD: GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M 5-04 91(EEEE)

Dam: BGR Lucky Charm 5*M  2-04 86(V+VV)
SS: *B Kickadee Hill Famous Amos
SSS: SG +*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
SSD: GCH Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Arlena 4*M 5-04 90(VEVE)
DD: GCH BGR Twilight Contessa 4*M
DDS: *B des-Ruhigestelle Nozi Eclipse
DDD: GCH BGR Sweet Liberty 3*M

Contessa is a powerful bodied doe, being both wide and deep bodied. She has a smooth front end and a wide, level rump. Contessa kidded easily with beautiful twin does. If her udder this year is any indication of what her future holds, Contessa will be a power milker at maturity. Luckily, she has the solid structure to support high production. Contessa is a sweet and easy doe. You can do anything to her as long as you put a feed dish in front of her. Contessa lives to eat!

Contessa at 4 months

Contessa as aDry Yearling 


Contessa's dam, Charm at 3 years old
Contessa's maternal granddam and namesake, GCH BGR Contess

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