Pleasant-Grove Saving Grace  *M    AS1629310 

DOB: 2/10/13


Grace as a 3 year old

3-05 88 (+EVE)

Sire:  *B des-Ruhigestelle Catch a Fox
SS: *B Old-English Arctic Fox 4-03 91(EEE)
2010 Spotlight Sale Buck
SSS:  *B Loughlin’s Dream Maker’s Fox
SSD: SGCH Old-English Tilly 3*M 5-05 92(EEEE)
SD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Wincatcher 4*M 4-06 93(EEEE)  2013 National Champion
3-00 305 3911 112 2.9% 103 2.6% ext 335 4242 122 113
SDS: SG +*B des-Ruhigestelle Elander
SDD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 3*M 8-06 93(EEEE)
2005 Junior National Champion and 2008 National Champion
2009 Top Ten 5-00 296 3504 140 4.0% 107 3.1%

Dam: CH Pleasant-Grove Grand Granola LA 5-07 91 VEEE 
DS: Pleasant-Grove Chinook Grand
DSS: +*B Rocky Run RC Chinook
DSD: Pleasant Grove Edge Grass 6-03 90(EVEV)
DD: Pleasant-Grove Magic Graze 3-05 88(++EE)
DDS: Willow Run Knowledge is Magic
DDD: Pleasant Grove Cobra Graze

Grace is a smoothly blended doe with a socked-on udder. She is the epitome of dairy strength with her flat bone and angularity combined with power and substance. Grace has that sweet, cooperative, calm temperament that prospers in a dairy environment. She has a high rear udder, a strong medial, and a huge area of attachment. Grace’s pedigree is jam-packed with excellent animals. Her dam was in the top of her class at Nationals for four consecutive years as a milker, and she was dam to the 2013 Premier Sire. Grace’s sire is product of the 2010 Spotlight Sale buck bred to the 2013 National Champion. Grace only needs one more leg to become a Permanent Champion. We haven’t shown since 2015, so it is our fault that she is not finished. Grace is a farm favorite with her pleasing personality and her delightful will to milk. Since Grace kidded in May, she will be milking through in 2019.


Granola at 2 years     

Granola at 5 years
(Granola photos Courtesy of Craig Koopman)

Old-English Tilly
(O.E. photos courtesy of Carol Mann)

Old-English Arctic Fox - 2010 Spotlight Sale Buck

dR Wincatcher
dR Winseeker
Dam & Daughter
2012 Nationals
(photo courtesy of Lauren Acton)

Grace earning her dry leg


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