GCH +*B 40 Crossing Handsome Hank AS0762904
DOB: 3/89

DNA typed in 1998
LA 2-03 86(VEE)
LA 4-03 90(VEE)
LA 5-03 91(EVE)
LA 9-02 91(EEE)

Sire: ++*B Aspen Hill's Tammy's Charlton
SS: GCH ++*B White Acre Cecelia's Cameron
SD: GCH Aspen Hill's Tammy *M

Dam: 40 Crossing Artemis Crystal 4*M
DS: Sundown Herd Nedifer
DD: GCH Walnut Bottom JR Artemis 3*M
DDS: ++B Mustangs Echo J-R
DDD: Fancy Man's Meringue Pie 2*M
PTI +177 +159

Hank's greatest strength is in his general appearance. He appraised "V" or "E" in all structural categories. He was long and wide-bodied with a wide, long, level rump. Hank had nearly ideal shoulder assembly. During one appraisal session when I was quizzing the appraiser on shoulder assembly, the appraiser told me that "when you want to envision a perfect shoulder assembly, just go look at this buck". Hank had excellent feet and legs, with short pasterns. To top this all off, he was pretty in the face. Hank was never beaten in a breed class. He has earned 8XGCH, 8XBOB, 3XBBIS. At 9 years old, he still appraised 91. Even in his old age, he was still strong on his pasterns. We had Hank his entire life, and he has truly been an asset to us. His progeny carry on his legacy of beautiful front ends and excellence in general appearance. Hank passed away in March, 1999. Even though Hank is still with us through his progeny, we miss his gentle spirit and his smiling face.