Noble-Springs As Smilin’ Jack  AS1510990 

DOB: 3/5/10


Jack at 1 year old

Sire: *B Alize Sloan’s Artic Shine
SS: ++*B Willow Run Victor Sloan 2-02 89 (VEE)
SSS: ++B Windsor Manor AA Victor 7-03 91 (EEE) 2004 Premier Sire
SSD: GCH Willow Run VQ Sneer 2*M
SD: SGCH Loughlin’s Talut Arctic Glow *M  5-01 92 (EEEE)
3-06  305  3280  116/3.5%  100/3.2%
4-06  305  3900  121/3.1%  109/2.8%
4-06  322  4020  124/3.1%  114/2.8%
SDS: SG ++*B Briarwind Pharoh Talut
SDD: SG Loughlin’s Artic Chill 5-05 90 (VEEE)

Dam: Noble Springs NSZ Jazelle
2008 National Junior Champion
DS: Noble Springs Zane
DSS: Tres Amigo Lil Ralph                                                                                 
DSD: CH Willow Run CK Zenia                                                                       
DD: Noble Springs WRSE Jenna                                                                                 
DDS: CH *B Willow Run Stimulator Erik
3-05 90 (VEE)                           
DDD: GCH Noble Springs Xavier’s Janie *M

Jack is the newest addition to the buck barn. He’s very tall and upstanding, and has a really long bone pattern throughout. His pedigree combines many of the bloodlines we are working with (Dream Maker, Wolfman Jack, Victor) and adds Talut and the Noble Springs doe line. Jack’s dam is a huge doe who was Junior Champion at Nationals in 2008, and was 4th Place Three Year Old at Nationals this year. We can’t wait to see what Jack does for us!

Jazelle the day after she kidded in 2010