GCH Kickadee Hill Jeannie Marie 3*M
DOB: 4/92

DNA typed in 1998

LA 1-02 V(VAV)
LA 2-02 77(AAEA)
LA 3-02 81(AVV+)
LA 4-02 86(+EEV)
LA 5-01 87 (VEEV)
LA 6-01 87(VEVV)
LA 7-02 88 (EEVV)
1-08 303 2800 95/3.4% 83/3.0 

Sire: +*B Gerber Farm Bravo
SS: +B Gerber Farm Encore
SD: McQuitty Farm Taffy 5*M
         2-09 305 4340 111/2.7% Top Ten
SDS: ++*B Gerber Farm YHC Sun Dance
SDD: GCH Gerber Farm M Acorn 4*M
            PTI +246 +208

Dam: Kickadee Hill Jumpin Josephine 2*M
            1-03 252 2048 96 4.7% 96 3.2%
DS: GCH +*B 40 Crossing Handsome Hank
         9-02 91 (EEE)
DD: Kickadee Hill Judith Anne *M
          2-10 224 2210 84 3.2%

Jeannie was a large, powerful doe, who was my all-time favorite doe. As is evidenced by her appraisal scores, she just continued to improve with age. Jeannie earned her dry leg as a yearling, easily finished her permanent championship her first weekend out as a 3 year old, and was GCH at 6 of the 8 shows she attended that year. Jeannie had an excellent front end with tight shoulders and perfectly straight fore legs. She stood on ideal feet, both tight toed and deep heeled, as well as having strong pasterns. Jeannie's rump was extremely wide, and level thurl to thurl. Jeannie had a very pretty face, and was very smoothly blended throughout. She was the kind of herd queen who ruled with the twitch of an ear. Jeannie was classy to the bone.