Liberty Hollow KHAA Jennifer 2*M AS1725774

DOB: 3/9/15

LA 1-04 V(VVV)
4-04 88(VVEE)

Sire: *B Kickadee Hill UL Ask Alfredo
SS: CH *B Kickadee Hill Gez Uncle Lonnie 2-03 90(EVE)
SSS: CH *B IM Edward
SSD: SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M 4-03 92(EEEE)
SD: Kickadee Hill NJ Amber Rose 5*M
SDS: +*B Noble-Springs AS Smilin’ Jack
SDD: SGCH Kickadee Hill JD Go Ask Andrea 4*M 4-02 92(EEEE)

Dam: CH Kickadee Hill KHA Johanna
DS: +*B Kickadee Hill WMV Arlo 2-03 90(VEE)
DSS: ++B Windsor-Manor AA Victor 7-03 91(EEE) 2004 Premier Sire
DSD: SGCH Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene 2*M 5-04 92(EEEE)
DD: SGCH Kickadee Hill Janey 5*M 6-04 89(VEEV)
DDS: SGCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor 5-03 89(VVE)
DDD: Kickadee Hill Jorgina 4*M 4-04 89(VEEV)

Jennifer’s pedigree combines some of the best animals we’ve ever owned. It is fun to see how they all are exhibited in Jennifer. She has: Jorgina’s temperament; Amber’s powerful body; Louise’s strong brisket and smoothly blended neck, as well as her body depth; Johanna’s board level topline and rear udder shape; Lonnie’s perfect feet with short pasterns, nicely shaped cloves and deep heels; Arlene’s poker-straight front legs and long fore udder; Andrea’s smooth blending throughout; and the signature long, wide, level rump of our “A” doe line.

Jennifer has that extreme correctness and soundness of a doe who only gets better and better with each additional freshening. She is coming up on 7 years of age and she is still as pretty and agile as those younger does. Jennifer is the dam to Jessica, who is our favorite younger milker in the barn. We are going to repeat the breeding to Leonard this year to try for another Jessica. Could we be that lucky?

Jennifer as a dry yearling

CH Johanna at 4 years old

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