Kickadee Hill WRS James Dean AS1449407 
Born 4/6/08

LA 0-03  V(VEcV)

Sire:  CH Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up 3-05 88(VVE)
SS: Windsor Manor DD Stormfront                                                   
SSS *B Windsor Manor SO Dream Diamond                                                          
SSD: SGCH Windsor Manor WMDM Stormy  4-00 90 (VVEE)
SD: Willow Run Ritesdfred Snuggle 5-02 92(EEEE)
SDS: +*B Willow Run Stim Ritesdfred
DDD: GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk *M 2004 National Champion

Dam: Kickadee Hill WMV Jorgette 2-04 89(VEEE)
DS: +B Windsor Manor AA Victor 7 -03 91(EEE) 2004 Premier Sire
DSS: SG +*B McQuitty Farm Allison’s Ammo
DSD: Windsor Manor Perfect Vanilla 3-02 90(EEEV)
DD: SGCH Kickadee Hill Jeena 5*M 2-03 87 (+VEE)
DDS: SGCH +*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor 5-04 89(VVE)
DDD: Kickadee Hill Jorgina 4*M 4-04 88(VEEV)
One Day Tests 2-02 10.2# milk 3.9% bf; 3-03 8.8# milk 3.6% bf; 4-02 9.4# milk 3.7% bf

James Dean (a.k.a. Jimmy) has the perfect name because he really does have “movie star” good looks. He’s long and level and stands on excellent feet and legs. Jimmy is a very pleasing combination of his parents. He has his dam’s height and length and his sire’s perfect shoulders and legs. Jorgette has a fabulous udder that is high in the rear, smooth in the fore and has a tremendous area of attachment. The only reason that she isn’t finished is that I hurt my knee early in show season and got benched for much of the season. I’m sure Jorgette will only be prettier next year and will easily finish her Permanent Championship as she only needs one more leg. Jimmy exhibits the perfect balance of power and dairy character. He is very sweet tempered in addition to his good looks. We couldn’t ask for more from this little guy.