*B Keach Manor CPR G.I. Joe  AS1922046

DOB: 2/24/18

Sire: *B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
SS: +*B Cherrypines Singing Bob 4-05 90(EVE)
SSS: ++*B Colquitt’s Jacob (Wolfman Jack’s full brother)
SSD: GCH Cherrypines Door Prize 2*M 7-03 90(VEEE) (Wolfman Jack daughter)
SD: GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M 3-02 90(VVEE)
2007 National Champion
SDS: *B Kapra Vista Cochise Tom A Hawk
SDD: GCH Cherrypines Samantha *M 4-01 90(VEEE)

Dam: SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M 3-02 90(VEEE)
1-01 160 1330 3.2/43 2.9/39
1-11 281 2530 3.3/84 3.2/80 changed herds, continuation of yearling lactation
2-10 305 3420 3.4/115 2.8/97
       317 3510 3.4/119 2.8/100
3-11 270 2310 3.0/70 2.9/68
Life 1028 9680 3.3/316 3.0/287DS: GCH +*B Keach Manor Doc Hollywood 3-04 85(VVV)
DSS: GCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor 5-03 89(VVE) (Wolfman Jack son)
DSD: GCH Hoanbu Martini Midori 4*M
DD: GCH Pleasant-Grove Grip Jinnay 3-05 87(+VVE)
DDS: Pleasant-Grove Won Grip
DDD: Pleasant-Grove Chance Jitterbug 4-07 88(VVVV)

Joe is one flashy fellow! I am so fortunate to have Amy Keach as my friend. I told her that I needed an outcross buck, and she said, “Don’t buy one. Just use one of ours”. And look at the nice guy she let me borrow! Joe is long and level and stands on lovely feet and legs. He has a long, wide rump and has a wide open escutcheon. He has a long neck that blends smoothly into his withers and is very upstanding. Joe is all flash and style.

And take a look at Joe’s pedigree! His sire’s dam, GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater was the 2007 National Champion. Ethel’s sire brings in some of the greats from the purebred world like Snolan and Dill Seed. Nearly all of the animals in Joe’s 4 generation pedigree are Permanent Champions. Wolfman Jack and his full brother Jacob are throughout Joe’s pedigree, including our own Wolfman Jack son, GCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor. Joe’s dam SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty is one of those unusual does who has it all – she is absolutely gorgeous and also has a kind, easy going personality. A big Thank You! Goes out to Amy for generously allowing me to borrow such a fine young buck.

Joe’s dam, SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M 3-02 90(VEEE)

 Joe’s sire’s dam, GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M 3-02 90(VEEE)

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