Kickadee Hill Jorgina 4*M AS1111166  
DOB: 3/99

LA 0-03 + (+VV)
LA 1-04 + (+VE)
LA 2-03 86 (+VVE)
LA 3-03 85 (AVEE)

6/9/01 2-02 104 days fresh 10.2# milk 3.9% butterfat 19.2 points
7/12/02 3-03 126 days fresh 8.8# milk 3.6% butterfat 16.3 points
5/28/03 4-02 65 days fresh 9.4# milk 3.7% butterfat 16.9 points

Sire: GCH +*B Des Ruhigestelle Eraser 4-01 90(VEE)
SS: +*B Des Ruhigestelle Emrys
SSS: ++*B Coyoteville’s Lothario
SSD: Des Ruhigestelle Mayzelle 7*M
SD: Des Ruhigestelle Ethos 5*M 5-03 88(+EEV)
Life 595 6120 233/3.8% 186/3.0%
SDS: ++*B Des Ruhigestelle Washakie
SDD: GCH Des Ruhigestelle Eta 4*M 11-02 91(EEEE)
1991 Reserve National Champion Life 2076 20720 678/3.3%

Dam: GCH Kickadee Hill Jeannie Marie 3*M 7-02 88(EEVV)
1-08 303 2800 95/3.4% 83/3.0%
DS: +*B Gerber Farm Bravo
DSS: +B Gerber Farm Encore
DSD: McQuitty Farm Taffy 5*M
2-09 305 4340 111 2.7% Top Ten
DD: Kickadee Hill Jumpin Josephine 2*M
1-03 252 2048 96 4.7% 96 3.2%
DDS: GCH +*B 40 Crossing Handsome Hank 9-02 91(EEE)

DDD: Kickadee Hill Judith Anne *M 2-10 224 2210 84 3.2%


Jorgina is a huge, powerful doe. She has lots of width and lots of bone, and is smoothly blended throughout. Jorgina stands on very strong feet, which are perfectly shaped and tight toed, with strong, short pasterns. She scored Excellent in feet at 4 years old. Jorgina has a pretty, well- attached udder. Jorgina has won several Best Udder of Breed awards. Her udder is firmly attached with a large area of attachment and a strong medial. Her udder is high in the rear, smooth in the fore, with a pleasing size and shape to the teats. Jorgina is our easiest doe to milk by hand. Jorgina is proving to be an excellent brood doe for us. Jorgina’s Doc daughters - Janey in our herd, and Jeannette in Jolene Self’s herd - have both scored 88 as 2 year old first fresheners. Janey has 2 championship legs (one in milk and one as a Best Junior Doe in Show) was 17 th place 2 year old at the 2004 National Show, and was the 2005 Reserve All American 2 Year Old. Jorgina’s dry yearling Doc daughter, Jeena, earned her dry leg with a Best Junior Doe In Show award, was 9 th place Senior Yearling at the 2004 National Show, and was the 2005 Reserve All American Dry Yearling.