GCH +*B Kickadee Hill EV Dream Leonard AS1783843      
DOB: 3/23/16



Leonard at 6 years old


3-04 90(VEE)
5-02 92(EEE)

Sire: SG+*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
ETA +58 +59 #2 on 1:2 #5 on 2:1 2014 Young Sire List
Full sister 2017 National Champion SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elenya 10*M
5-04 93(EEEE) 9-5 93(EEEE)
SS: SG++*B Cherrypines Stand Out  8-06 91(EEE)
20 Permanent Champion daughters (15 of which are SGCH), 40 SG daughters,
Sire of 2012 Reserve National Champion
Sire of 2017 National Champion (Everett’s full sister, Elenya)
SSS: ++B Saanendoah Standard Issue
SSD: SGCH Cherrypines Super Starlet 2*M 7-00 92(EEEE)
SD: SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elende 9*M 5-02 92(EEEE) 8-04 92 (EEEE)
5-00 305 4132 127/3.1% 113/2.7% 2011 Top Ten
2013 ADGA National Show Total Performer
2013 1st Place Dam & Daughter with Elenya (full sister to Everett)
SDS: +*B des Ruhigestelle Rising Sun
SDD: SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M 6-05 92(EEEE)
3-00 302 4005 151/3.8% 118/2.9% 2007 Top Ten
2009 ADGA National Show Total Performer
2009 1st Place Dam & Daughter
Dam: SGCH Keach Manor Dream of Laverne 7*M 2-05 90(VVEE)
DS: Sire: SG ++*B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
Sire of: 2000 National Champion, 1999 Reserve National Champion, 2006 Reserve National Champion, and numerous GCH does
DSS: ++*B Windsor-Manor Trailblazer
DSD: SG des-Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M
DD: GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M 5-04 91(EEEE)
DDS: GCH +B Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up
DDD: SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M 4-02 92(EEEE)
1-10 268 2480 87/3.5% 67/2.7% One Day Test  5-01 62 days fresh 12.8# milk 3.2% butterfat

Leonard is huge! He is 40 inches at the withers and weighs in at over 300 pounds. Leonard has lots of bone and lots of substance. He is wide and deep and powerful. Leonard stands on beautiful strong feet and legs and has a gorgeous, smooth front end. We have two daughters who are in milk this year – Jessica and Gladys – and both of them appraised 91 as 3 year olds. They are big does who had smaller dams. They both have a huge area of attachment and long fore udders like Leonard’s dam Laverne. Leonard’s daughters milk well and are sweet and cooperative girls.

Leonard’s sire Everett was my dream buck. Everett’s sire (Cherrypines Stand Out) was the sire of two National Champions and the last time I counted, he had over 20 Permanent Champion daughters. Stand Out’s dam, Cherrypines Super Starlet, appraised 92 back in the days when getting a 92 was unheard of. Starlet was one of the very best of all time of the Wolfman Jack daughters.

Everett’s dam Elende is third consecutive generation that has done all three: SGCH, appraisal score of 91 or higher, and a Top Ten lactation. Elende’s dam Elendili was Total Performer at the 2009 National Show, and Elende earned Total Performer in 2013. Elendili and Elende were 1st Place Dam & Daughter in 2009, and Elende and Elenya were 1st Place Dam & Daughter in 2013. What a fabulous doe line! Everett’s full sister, SGCH Elenya appraised 93 at 5, 6, 7, and 9 years old and was awarded National Champion in 2017. Elenya has milked two extended lactations, beginning with a 570-day lactation as a yearling. Beautiful, correct, AND a long and level lactation! Elende, is arguably the best brood doe to come from Laurie’s herd. Elende’s daughters (all from different sires!): SGCH Elenwe 91(EEEE) and Top Ten; SGCH Elenya 93(EEEE) 2017 National Champion; SGCH Elixer 93(EEEE); SG Eigeria 90(VEEE).

Leonard’s dam SGCH Laverne is a huge doe who takes my breath away. She is long and level and oh-so powerful. Laverne has a long rump that is level both hips to pins, and thurl to thurl. I bet she could balance a dinner plate on that rump while on the move. She stands on strong feet and legs and is smoothly blended from nose to tail. If I could design what I’d like all of my does to look like, it would be Laverne! She was a perfect doe. Not only is she lovely and powerful, her pedigree is packed with National Show winners, Permanent Champions and SG animals. Laverne’s sire, Dream Maker, sired two National Champions, a Reserve National Champion (littermate sister to our foundation doe for our “A” doe line) and has numerous Permanent Champion daughters including SGCH Laverne and her littermate sister GCH Lily. Laverne and her sister Lily are 3rd consecutive generation of does with a linear appraisal score of 90-92 and are Permanent Champions.

With all of the greatness behind him, how could Leonard be anything but a great sire?

Leonard through the years

Leonard getting cooled off in the heat at 5 years old (August 2021)
Leonard at 4 years old (May 2020)
Leonard at 3 years old (2019)
Leonard at 2 years old (2018)
Leonard as a yearling
He has alwasy LOVED a bath (2017)

Leonard at 6 months old (October, 2016)
Leonard's Sire and his family
Everett (Leonard's sire)

SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elenya
(Everett’s full sister)
10*M  5-02 93(EEEE)
2017 National Champion

SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elende
(Everett’s dam)
9*M  9-04 92(EEEE)

2013 National Show
1st Place Produce of Dam   
SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elende 9*M 9-04 92 (EEEE)
Daughters Elenya and Elixer 


2013 National Show  
Elende and Elenya
1st Place Dam and Daughter

2013 National Show
Elenya and Elixer
1st Place Produce of Dam


Leonard's dam and her family

Leonard’s dam - SGCH Keach Manor Dream of Laverne
(Leonard's dam)
7*M 2-05 90(VVEE)

GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M
(Laverne’s dam)
 6-05 91(EEEE)

SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M
(Liz's dam)
4-02 92(EEEE)

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