Kickadee Hill ALV Lexi Lou    AS2093439 

DOB: 4/4/20

Lexi at 2 years old

Sire: *B Kickadee Hill All-Star Alvin
SS: *B Kickadee Hill All About Arlo
SSS: SG +*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
SSD: GCH Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Arlena 4*M 5-04 90(VEVE) 
SD: Kickadee Hill UL Ava Lou 5*M 4-03 90(VVEE)
SDS:  CH *B Kickadee Hill Gez Uncle Lonnie 2-03 90 (EVE)
DDD: SGCH Kickadee Hill JD Go Ask Andrea 4*M 4-02 92(EEEE)
One Day Test 4-00 65 days fresh 13.5 # milk 3.8% butterfat

Dam: Kickadee Hill AL Little Fuzzy  8*M 3-05 91(VEEE)
DS: *B Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Albert 5-03 90 (VEE)
DSS: +*B Noble-Springs AS Smilin’ Jack
DSD: SGCH Willow Run Diesel Go Ask Alice 3*M 3-02 91 (EEEE)
DD: GCH Keach Manor Dream of My Lily 7*M 5-05 90(VEEE) PTI 52 134
DDS: Sire: SG ++*B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
Sire of: 2000 National Champion, 1999 Reserve National Champion,
2006 Reserve National Champion, and numerous GCH does
DDD: GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M 5-05 91(EEEE)

Lexi is a beautiful doe. She is so correct and so stylish. Lexi has 4 consecutive generations behind her with LA scores of 90-92. The 5th generation back was an 88 with an E in udder as a 2 year old first freshener, and the 6th and 7th generations back were 90 and 91. No wonder she is so pretty!

Lexi’s sire was a linebreeding on one of my all-time favorite does, GCH Willow Run Diesel Go Ask Alice 3*M 3-02 91(EEEE). GCH Andrea and GCH Arlene were both daughters of Alice.

Lexi’s dam Fuzzy was a 91 and an 8*M milker. Fuzzy was the most reliable milker in my barn. I freshened her every other year and she milked as much the second year as she did the first year. Fuzzy had the easiest, kindest personality in the barn as well.

Lexi has some pretty big hoof prints to fill. She appears to be up to the challenge.

Lexi as a Dry Yearling

Lexi at a couple weeks old    

Lexi at 6 months old


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