GCH Keach Manor Dream Of My Lily 7*M AS1671064

DOB 2/23/14 

3-03 89(VEVE)
5-05 90 (VEEE)

Lily at 5 years old on appraisal day

Sire: SG ++*B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
Sire of: 2000 National Champion, 1999 Reserve National Champion, 2006 Reserve National Champion, and numerous GCH does
SS: ++*B Windsor-Manor Trailblazer
SSS: SG ++*B T&J Kentucky Mountain Style
SSD: GCH Windsor-Manor JUS Denise
SD: SG des-Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M
DDS: SG ++*B des-Ruhigestelle Lance
DDD: GCH des-Ruhigestelle Darrein

Dam: GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M 5-04 91(EEEE)
DS: GCH +B Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up
DSS: +*B Windsor Manor DD Stormfront
DSD: CH Willow Run Ritesdfred Snuggle 5-02 92 (EEEE)
Reserve Best Udder 2008 National Show
DD: SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M 4-02 92 (EEEE)
1-10 268 2480 87/3.5% 67/2.7%
One Day Test 5-01 62 days fresh 12.8# milk 3.2% butterfat
DDS: SGCH +*B Willow Run SK Wooly Bully 7-00 91 (EEE)
DDD: Kickadee Hill Sweet Lorraine 4*M 2-02 88 (+EEE)
2-00 231 1803 63/3.5% 51/2.9%

Lily is calm and confident and pretty. She has great dairy strength with her angularity and flat bone. Lily has a strong, level topline with an amazing rump that could balance a dinner plate. And she stands on strong feet and legs. Lily’s pedigree is jam-packed with National Show winners, Permanent Champions and SG animals. Lily is a Permanent Champion who is also proving herself as a brood doe. Her 4 year old daughter, Kickadee Hill AL Little Fuzzy 8*M scored 91(VEEE) on linear appraisal when she was 3 and was on a milking-through lactation. Lily’s 2 year old daughter, Kickadee Hill AAA Aunt Lydia, looks very much like her mother except that Lydia is taller and longer with a little bit fancier udder. Both daughters are excellent additions to our herd.

Lily at 8 months old

Lily as Dry Yearling

Lily 3 years old

Lily at 4 Year old


Lily’s dam, GCH Kickadee Hill WRS Look At Liz 6*M 5-04 91(EEEE)

Liz at 2 years old

Liz at 4 years old

Liz at 6 years old

Lily’s maternal Grandmother
SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M
4-02 92(EEEE)

SGCH Louise at 4 years old


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