Kickadee Hill GIJ Mercy Moo     AS2068708

    DOB: 1/6/20     
Mercy at 2 years old

Sire: Keach Manor CPR G.I.Joe
SS: +*B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
SSS: ++*B Cherrypines Singing Bob 4-05 90(EVE)
SSD: GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M 3-02 90(VVEE)
2007 National Champion
SD: SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M 3-02 90(VEEE)
1-01 160 1330 3.2/43 2.9/39
1-11 281 2530 3.3/84 3.2/80 changed herds, continuation of yearling lactation
2-10 305 3420 3.4/115 2.8/97
       317 3510 3.4/119 2.8/100
3-11 270 2310 3.0/70 2.9/68
Life 1028 9680 3.3/316 3.0/287
DDS: GCH +*B Keach Manor Doc Hollywood 3-04 85(VVV)
SDD: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Grip Jinnay 3-05 87(+VVE) PTI 73 90

Dam: Kickadee Hill AAA Miss Molina 1-02 85(+VVV) precocious lactation
DS: *B Kickadee Hill All About Arlo 2-05 87(VEV)
DSS: SG +*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
Full sister 2017 National Champion SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elenya 10*M
   5-04 93(EEEE)
DSD: GCH Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Arlena 4*M 5-04 90(VEVE)
DD: Keach Manor KHSD Mercy Me 5*M 4-03 91(VVEE)
DDS: SGCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor
DDD: GCH Hoanbu WMV Martini Midori 4*M

Mercy Moo has a beautifully smooth front end with withers that are as smooth as glass and toes that points straight forward. She has a wide-open escutcheon with plumb teats that are nicely placed.

This is an exciting pedigree for us as Joe’s maternal grandsire, Doc Hollywood, is a littermate to Mercy’s maternal granddam, Mercy Me, and they are AI offspring of our SGCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor. Doc was one of the top udder bucks that we have ever used. Its exciting to have a little linebreeding on him. The other animals in Mercy’s pedigree are just as nice. There is a National Champion, lots of Wolfman Jack, and our buck *B Arlo, who gave us stature, pretty udders and beautiful feet.

Mercy Moo has all of the pieces and parts that make a great dairy goat with the pedigree to back her up. I can’t wait to see her fresh!

Mercy Moo at 5 months old

Mercy as a Yearling

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