Kickadee Hill GIJ Mercy Moo   7*M   AS2068708

    DOB: 1/6/20  

Mercy at 3 years old

LA 3-07 89 VVEV)

Sire: Keach Manor CPR G.I.Joe
SS: +*B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
SSS: ++*B Cherrypines Singing Bob 4-05 90(EVE)
SSD: GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M 3-02 90(VVEE)
2007 National Champion
SD: SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M 3-02 90(VEEE), 6-01 90(VVEE)
7-06 90(VEEE)
1-01 160 1330 3.2/43 2.9/39
1-11 281 2530 3.3/84 3.2/80 changed herds, continuation of yearling lactation
2-10 305 3420 3.4/115 2.8/97
       317 3510 3.4/119 2.8/100
3-11 270 2310 3.0/70 2.9/68
Life 1028 9680 3.3/316 3.0/287
DDS: GCH +*B Keach Manor Doc Hollywood 3-04 85(VVV)
SDD: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Grip Jinnay 3-05 87(+VVE) PTI 73 90

Dam: Kickadee Hill AAA Miss Molina 6*M
1-02 85(+VVV) precocious lactation

DS: *B Kickadee Hill All About Arlo 2-05 87(VEV)
DSS: SG +*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
Full sibling 2017 National Champion SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elenya 10*M 5-04 93 (EEEE) Sire of 2018 Junior National Champion Keach Manor EV Liberty
Sire of 6 Permanent Champions
DSD: GCH Kickadee Hill NJ Go Ask Arlena 4*M 5-04 90(VEVE)
DD: Keach Manor KHSD Mercy Me 5*M 4-03 91(VVEE)
DDS: SGCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor
DDD: GCH Hoanbu WMV Martini Midori 4*M

Mercy is our top milker, milking 16.2 pounds of milk this past July. Mercy’s udder is globular with a huge area of attachment and a strong medial. Her rear udder is nicely shaped and her fore udder is long and smooth. Mercy has lovely teats - not too big, not too small, just right. Mercy’s udder is baby soft and milks down to nothing.

Mercy is very smoothly blended throughout. She has pretty feet and legs and she tracks perfectly square. Mercy has strong dairy character without sacrificing strength or power. Best of all, Mercy is the easiest doe to handle in a barn full of easy to handle does. What’s not to love?

Mercy’s pedigree is exciting for us as Joe’s maternal grandsire, Doc Hollywood, and Mercy’s maternal granddam, Mercy Me, are littermate offspring of our SGCH ++*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor. Doc was one of the top udder bucks that we have ever used. It’s so exciting to have a little piece of Doc again. Mercy’s pedigree also boasts two National Champions, lots of Wolfman Jack, and our buck *B Arlo, who gave us stature, pretty udders and beautiful feet.

Mercy Moo as first freshening two year old


Mercy as a dry Yearling

Mercy Moo at 5 months old


Mercy’s Moo’s sire
Keach Manor CPR G.I. Joe
At one year old

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