Kickadee Hill Call Me Mr Blue AS2337814

DOB: 4-30-23

Blue at 4months old

Sire: *B Kickadee Hill DL Lucky Lou
SS: GCH +*B Kickadee Hill EV Dream Leonard
3-04 90(VEE) 5-02 92 (EEE)
SSS: SG +*B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
Full sister 2017 National Champion SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elenya 10*M 5-04 93 (EEEE) Sire of 2018 Junior National Champion Keach Manor EV Liberty Sire of 6 Permanent Champions
SSD: SGCH Keach Manor Dream of Laverne 7*M
2-05 90(VVEE)
SD: Kickadee Hill ALV Lexi Lou 9*M
3-05 91(EEEE)
DDS: *B Kickadee Hill All-Star Alvin
DDD: Kickadee Hill AL Little Fuzzy 8*M 3-05 91(VEEE)

Dam: Kickadee Hill GIJ Mercy Moo 7*M 3-07 89(VVEV)
DS: *B Keach Manor CPR G.I.Joe
DSS: +*B Cherrypines Ethel/Bob Rudy
DSD: SGCH Keach Manor DH Miss Kitty 2*M
3-02 90(VEEE), 6-01 90(VVEE), 7-06 90(VEEE)
DD: Kickadee Hill AAA Miss Molina 6*M

1-02 85(+VVV) precocious, 3-00 88 (VEEV)
DDS: *B Kickadee Hill All About Arlo 2-05 87(VEV)
DDD: Keach Manor KHSD Mercy Me 5*M 4-03 91(VVEE)

Blue is a powerful little guy, as you can see in his pic. Blue has a loaded pedigree. His dam Mercy is our top milker this year. She milked 16.2 pounds on One Day Test. Mercy’s sire brings back lots of Wolfman Jack, which has always worked well with our bloodlines. Blue’s sire is a son of our Leonard who appraised 92 at maturity and Lexi, who was our top appraising doe in 2023. Blue is a combination of some of our best animals – our top milker to our top appraiser!

Blue's dam Mercy Moo 3-07 89(VVEV)

Blue's sire's dam Lexi Lou 3-05 91 (EEEE)

Blue's sire's sire GCH +*B Leonard 5-02 92 (EEE)


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