Kickadee Hill EV Olivia Grace 2*M AS1766529
DOB: 1/1/16


Sire: *B Tempo Passa Stand Out Everett
SS: SG++*B Cherrypines Stand Out  8-06 91(EEE)
20 Permanent Champion daughters, 40 SG daughters, Sire of 2012 Reserve National Champion
SSS: ++B Saanendoah Standard Issue
SSD: SGCH Cherrypines Super Starlet 2*M 7-00 92(EEEE)
SD: SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elende 9*M 8-04(EEEE)
5-00 305 4132 127/3.1% 113/2.7% 2011 Top Ten
2013 ADGA National Show Total Performer
2013 1st Place Dam & Daughter with Elenya (full sister to Everett)
SDS: +*B des Ruhigestelle Rising Sun
SDD: SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M 6-05 92(EEEE)
3-00 302 4005 151/3.8% 118/2.9% 2007 Top Ten
2009 ADGA National Show Total Performer
2009 1st Place Dam & Daughter

Dam: Pleasant-Grove Saving Grace *M 3-05 88(+EVE)
DS:  *B des-Ruhigestelle Catch a Fox
DSS: *B Old-English Arctic Fox 2010 Spotlight Sale Buck 4-03 91(EEEE)
DSD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Wincatcher 4*M 4-06 93(EEEE) 2013 National Champion
3-00 305 3911 112 2.9% 103 2.6% ext 335 4242 122 113
DD: CH Pleasant-Grove Grand Granola LA 5-06 91 VEEE        
DDS: Pleasant-Grove Chinook Grand
DDD: Pleasant-Grove Magic Graze 3-05 88(++EE)

Olivia is a tall doe with lots of substance and bone. She has an absolutely lovely front end. Olivia has a long, graceful neck that blends seamlessly into shoulders that are as smooth as glass. Her front legs are straight and under her withers right where they are supposed to be. Olivia stands on pretty feet that have deep heels, tight toes and point perfectly straight forward. She has a long, level back and very correct hind legs. Olivia has her dam’s pleasant personality and easy-going ways. Olivia got off to a rough start on her first lactation. We look forward to seeing what this next lactation will do for her.

Olivia as dry Yearling

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