Willow Run Stimulator Perri 9*M    AS118487
  DOB: 3/00

LA 3-04 89 (EEEV)
LA 4-03 87 (VEE+)
LA 7-03 87 (EEE+)
LA  8-04 89(EEE+)

1-01 300 1720 43/2.5% 47/2.7%
4-00 305 2860 75/2.6% 82/2.9%
4-11 198 1645 44/2.7% 46/2.8%


Sire: ++*B Willow Run AMPH Stimulator
SS: ++*B Clovertop’s Ampherage
SSS: ++*B Clovertop’s Philo
SSD: GCH Clovertop’s P Amaldeena 5*M
SD: GCH Willow Run Satin 6*M
1999 National Champion & Best Udder
SDS: ++*B WSU/VMP McKinley
SDD: SG Singing Spruce Ace Velvet 5*M

Dam: Willow Run Dream Pelagia 8*M
DS: SG++B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 90(VEE)
DSS: ++*B Windsor Manor Trailblazer
DSD: SG Des Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M
DD: Willow Run Juergen Pavla 7*M 4-00 86(VVEV)
DDS: SG +*B Willow Run Midas Juergen
DDD: Willow Run Windsor Phoebe 6*M

Perri, a.k.a. Fuzzy, has femininity without sacrificing substance. She is as long as a freight train and as level as a board. Fuzzy’s general appearance is nearly flawless. She has exceptional shoulder assembly, and a superb rump.  Fuzzy has excellent feet and legs the whole way around, and is smoothly blended throughout. She has the body style that we could never grow tired of seeing in our barn. Fuzzy passes her excellence in general appearance to her offspring. Her daughters, Sylvia and Sera, each won a Best Junior Doe in Show as dry yearlings with well over 120 juniors competing. Both daughters went to the 2004 Nationals and were 10th and 11th place out of 50 Senior Yearlings. Sylvia was the All American Senior Yearling for 2005. Fuzzy’s  2007 Doc daughter, Fiona, appraised Ec(EcVEc) and was called “exquisite” by the judge who made her Best Junior Doe in Show on the day she earned her dry leg. Fuzzy is still youthful at 8 years old. She will be bred to Arlo for a linebreeding on Dream Maker for her 2009 freshening

Fuzzy's 2007 doe kid, Fiona


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