Kickadee Hill WMV Violet 7*M AS1364376
DOB 3/25/06

Violet 3 years

LA 1-04 E(EVE)
LA  2-04 89(VEEE)
Earned star on One Day Test 3-03 473 days fresh 9.6# milk 2.6% bft 3.0% pro

Sire:  +B Windsor Manor AA Victor 7-03 91(EEE) 2004 Premier Sire
SS: SG +*B McQuitty Farm Allison’s Ammo
SSS: +B Gold Lobo Westfork’s Jake
SSD: GCH McQuitty Farm Allison 1996 National Champion
SD: Windsor Manor Perfect Vanilla 3-02 90(EEEV)
SDS: +*B Tim Tam Perfect Timing
SDD: SGCH Windsor Manor CJC Veronica 6-03 91(EEEE)

Dam: GCH Kickadee Hill Morning Glory 6*M  5-04 90(VVEE)           
DS: SGCH +*B Kickadee Hill Spin Doctor 5-03 89 (VVE)    
DSS: SG ++*B Colquitt’s Wolfman Jack                                                                  
DSD: SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Loreleah 3*M 5-04 90(VEEE); 7-03 91(EEEV)
One Day Test 3-02 14.0# milk 4.2% bf; 7-03 11.8# milk 4.1% bf; 8-02 9.3# milk 4.2% bf
DD: Kickadee Hill Jenna 5*M 3-03 85(V+VV) 5-04 78(AEV+)           
DDS: GCH +*B Des Ruhigestelle Eraser   4-01 90(VEE)                             
DDD: Kickadee Hill Judy in Disguise 4*M 5-02 85(VEV+)
One Day Test  4-03 47 days fresh 17.5# milk 3.0% butterfat for 28.4 points     

Violet is our only daughter of Glory’s. Violet has all of her dam’s good points and has added a few extra good points of her own. Violet is tall and powerful, and has that wedge shape that is so desirable in a dairy animal. She has near-ideal rear leg angulation and straight front legs that are placed perfectly under her withers. Violet has a prominent brisket underneath a long, graceful neck. Her plastered on udder is high in the rear, long in the fore with an exceptionally strong medial. Violet milked through as a 3 year old, earning her star on a One Day Test at an impressive 473 days fresh. At this writing, it is September and Violet is still going strong. Violet needs one more leg to finish her permanent championship. She earned her dry leg by going Best Junior Doe in Show as a dry yearling, and earned one milking leg as a 2 year old. She was stale this year from milking through, but expect to see her in the show ring next year.    

Violet at 2 years   


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